Medically-Supervised Weight Loss

Weight and Diet Program

Our program is unlike any other.  You will meet with Dr. Adamcik for your initial evaluation and then routinely meet to monitor progress. The initial evaluation will include blood work, a complete physical, and metabolic and hormonal testing if warranted. Your program will include a personalized exercise and diet program. Triggers to eating will be addressed and appetite control medicines are prescribed if desired.  We can also address your problems with metabolism and improve it on an individual basis. You will eat real food in the real world. A maintenance program follows achieving your target weight so you lose weight and keep it off!

Weight Problems are Complex Medical Issues

Weight problems are epidemic in our society. So if you have a weight issue, you are in the majority. Overweight, obese, and morbidly obese conditions are complex medical issues. They have profound effects on your energy, metabolism, health, appearance, and self esteem. There are many weight loss options out there, but few programs are as scientifically and medically based as the program at LiveLonger Medical. Our program utilizes prescribed diet, exercise, medications, injections, and metabolic testing. Our comprehensive program also includes hormonal measurement and optimization.

Author of "The Globe's Best Diet"

Dr. Adamcik felt the nutritional training in medical school was inadequate and filled with inaccuracies. He has performed lifelong independent research on the subject which includes the publishing of his book “The Globe’s Best Diet.” There have been many research articles which verify the superiority of certain diets over others. Many of your typical weight loss programs espouse inferior diets. Dr. Adamcik strongly believes that when it comes to weight loss, “if nothing changes, nothing changes.”

Lifestyle modifications including long-term changes in eating habits are essential for long-term success. Live Longer Medical’s weight loss programs are designed to help patients learn, practice, and adopt better lifestyle habits and enjoy long-term success at keeping the weight off once it is lost.

Bad news, exercise is a key component of weight loss. 80% of those that lose and keep substantial amounts of weight off get on a regular activity program.  We provide a personalized exercise recommendation, and these habits are reinforced until they ideally become lifestyles.

Medications and Weight Loss

Medications are short-term tools that can be extremely helpful in the transition period. Patients seeking medication advice for weight loss are provided personalized medication options that include Phentermine, Topamax, Metformin, HCG, injections of B12 and other nutrients, and herbal metabolic stimulants and supplements. These options are personalized into a specific regimen based on the patient’s medical history.

Metabolic Testing

LiveLonger Medical offers metabolic testing unlike those at other facilities. Most people assume a low metabolism means low thyroid, but thyroid is only one of many factors that influence metabolism. At LiveLonger Medical, we measure your metabolic rate and make recommendations on how to improve it.