Medically-Supervised Anti Aging

Are you feeling tired, run-down?  Are you having trouble getting out of bed in the morning?  Are you losing that snap and drive that you used to have?  Is weight starting to accumulate in your mid-line?  Are your muscles starting to feel weaker?  Is sexual activity unsatisfactory? Are you starting to ache all over?

Just old age?

Many of these symptoms were previously attributed to old age. People where told to expect and live with these symptoms, well now YOU DON’T HAVE TO!  It turns out that age itself is a disease process like hypertension or diabetes, and there are specific ways that you can reverse or halt some of the declines in function.

Your evaluation will include a complete medical history and exam, dietary and exercise history, and comprehensive blood work including hormonal and metabolic testing. This will include a metabolic rate test.

Based on the results, we will make specific recommendations to optimize your health and youthfulness to include diet and exercise, vitamins, hormonal and metabolic prescriptions. You will have the option of participating in a weight loss program specifically designed for your metabolism if you desire. Periodically your medical, hormonal, and metabolic condition will be monitored and your treatments will be adjusted based on your response to therapy and blood levels. Results are amazing and life changing!